Who We Are

Cool fact: The word Fulger means lightning in most romantic languages. But putting aside the obvious insinuation that we deliver with “lightning speed”, Fulger Transport means so much more.

Privately owned and operated, Fulger Transport Inc was built from the ground up in 2007 with 3 trucks. The crucible of our grassroots origins forged our trajectory, and our core of dedicated staff and drivers constitute the framework for the ever-expanding transportation company we’ve become.

Today, Fulger boasts more than 200 power units, over 250 refrigerated and dry van trailers, and our assets continue to grow aggressively year over year. Through our brokerage service, we net access to over 1400 trucks and 1700 trailers. Add the 150+ years of combined professional experience that our leadership team brings to the table, and you’ve got yourself a company you can depend on for all your transportation needs.

Our vision

To be trusted as a leading go-to logistics transportation network, recognized for providing top quality supply chain services and solutions in Canada and the United States.

Our Goals

  • Bring together logistics professionals and transportation companies, facilitating synergistic advancement and growth
  • Hire and train the most committed professional drivers, ensuring they always strive for the best performance in the safest manner
  • Develop and utilize the latest transportation logistics technology to maximize efficiency
  • Promote a culture that understands the imperative necessity of quick transportation solutions
  • Cultivate an environment where creativity, efficiency and profitability are at the forefront

Our Values

  • The responsibility to perform professionally
  • The worth and dignity of each individual
  • The respect for all people
  • The practice of integrity
  • The priority of service
  • The dedication to synergy
  • The accuracy of information