Why work for Fulger?

Did you know the average truck driver is only employed 8 months before looking for a better opportunity? Rise above the statistics with Fulger.

Fulger Transport is a privately owned and operated business, which means we’re not run by big wig bean counters that care only about profit at the expense of its employees. The average transport company sees a whopping 100% to 200% driver turnover rate per year.

In our stride towards establishing ourselves as an industry leader, we do things differently. At Fulger, our most important asset is you, our drivers! Our drivers are treated with respect, and are supported with all the professional services they need, so they can focus on doing their job well. When you succeed, we succeed.

The proof is in the pudding; and with our incredibly low driver turnover rates and exponential growth in past years, we’d say we’re not doing too bad. Humblebrag aside, if you’re interested in joining the Fulger family, we’d love to hear from you!

Why work for Fulger?

Don’t get stuck in a one-size-fits-all career trajectory. At Fulger, you get to choose. Some prefer to avoid the headaches of running their own business, and would rather have the stress-free income and benefits that come along with being a company driver: We’ve got a job for you! You’re also not stuck here forever. If you later decide to tackle being an owner-operator, we’ll help you with that transition.

For those of you who love the idea of being your own boss, the independent contractor path is for you! Even if you don’t own a truck yet, we can help get you into a lease option that works best for you. If you do own a big rig, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, let’s make this beautiful relationship happen.

Independent Contractor

  • Be your own boss
  • Make your own schedule
  • Rake in the cash

  • Long hauls across North America
  • Most efficient way to make income
  • Explore our beautiful continent

Bring Your Own Truck

  • Independent Contractors can use their own trucks
  • Put your investment to use
  • Drive what you know

Standard Lease

  • Start your own business with no buying commitment
  • Smaller down payment requirement
  • Easy step toward being an independent contractor

Company Driver

  • Great way to start your career
  • Eliminate risks and hassle of self employment
  • Worry-free income


  • Short local hauls
  • Stay close to home
  • Steady pay

Drive Our Truck

  • Company Drivers drive our trucks
  • No operational / maintenance cost worries
  • Start driving without any initial investment

Lease To Own

  • Get a truck to call your own
  • Invest in your career with regular payments
  • Know who you’re buying from

Driver Care

Don’t get mixed up with a transport company that lets you fend for yourself when you hit a bump in the road. At Fulger, we take care of our own with practical services. Whether it’s by offering discounts or helping you get last-minute paperwork, we’re here to support you so that you can continue doing what you do best.

Fuel Discount

Independent Contractors enjoy reduced operating costs by gaining access to Fulger’s fuel discount network, available at gas stations across the continent.

Repair Shop Discount

Reduce your business’ maintenance bills by taking advantage of Fulger’s network of tire and repair shops throughout North America.


Take the guesswork out of your insurance policy. Fulger’s fleet insurance provides our Independent Contractors with the right insurance, at a great rate.

24 / 7 Dispatch

Never face a problem alone with our always-open dispatch support. Route issues, paperwork problems, difficult clients, equipment breakdown – they’ll get you fixed up and back on the road in no time.


Believe it or not, our accountants do more than count beans. Whether it’s a payroll question or a deduction concern, our Accounting Team is just a phone call away.

Log Advisor

Avoid getting slapped with HOS violation penalties! Our Log Advisors are here to clarify your HOS or ELD uncertainties, and even provide you with remote support while you’re on the road.

Human Resource Support

Life happens, a child is sick or your basement just flooded. Our HR Team will help find a way to delay your load, or find a replacement driver if applicable. We’re here for you.

Driver’s Lounge

Take a load off at our headquarters driver lounge! Equipped with a kitchen, coffee, TV, and bathroom with showers, it’s time to put your feet up.


You’ve decided to drive for Fulger – great choice! Where do you start? With our training program, of course. Besides meeting the team, we’ll take you through the ropes: From basic orientation to how to eventually become a mentor yourself, you’re on the right track now.

Safe Driving Training
“Safety First” – it’s cliché for good reason. No skipping this class.


Company Policies
Being a part of the Fulger family means representing us well.


Route Planning
The shortest path isn’t always the best option. We’ll teach you.


ELD Training
It stands for Electronic Log Devices, but you already knew that.


HOS Training
Once you’ve mastered Hours of Service, you deserve a PhD. (Seriously.)


Become a Mentor & Team Leader
Something to aspire to once you get some miles under your belt.

Awards / Bonuses

Trucking shouldn’t be all business. Fulger’s got some award challenges that we think you’ll find pretty cool, plus it helps keep things on the road interesting. Game on!

Idling Contest

Awarded to drivers with lowest relative idling time

Finest Photo Contest

Awarded to the voted best scenic truck picture

Steps Contest

Awarded to driver with the most steps (while on duty)

And many more to come…