Transport solutions

What does Fulger mean? To anyone familiar with a Latin-based language, Fulger literally means lightning. Cool name, but more important than its etymology is the question:

What does Fulger mean for you?

In a sentence, Fulger is your one-stop shop for all of your US & Canada ground transportation needs. Whether your load requires delicate climate control or dry van service, whether it’s a small LTL parcel or is urgently needed “yesterday” – no matter if it’s via truck or intermodal, during peak season or transit to a remote location: Fulger is your single source integrated transportation service. We go there!

Any of our services can be ordered as live load, drop trailer, multiple stops, full-truck-load(s) or less-than-truckload. Check out the details regarding our services below. Alternatively, one of our staff would be happy to answer your questions.

Dedicated Services

Looking for a reliable transportation company with hands down reliability to keep the gears of your business running interruption free? You’ve found it. With 99.6% on-time delivery and a long ongoing history of satisfied customers, Fulger welcomes new dedicated lane opportunities.

Looking for a one time service? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Give our team a call to schedule a pickup or discuss a contract: +1 (313) 651-7156.

Expedited Services

Let’s face it, miscalculations happen: Now the factory will go into shutdown if your load doesn’t arrive by 1st shift. Unfortunately, most of us are all too familiar with the frantic last-minute crises responsible for our gray hair.

When being on site and on time is not optional, don’t introduce the additional risk of entrusting your load to a company with questionable express competency. Equipped with strategically placed premium vehicles and drivers with the expertise to handle your critical load, Fulger will make your problem our emergency. This time, go with tested and true.

Go with Fulger: +1 (313) 651-7156

LTL Services

Why pay a premium when dedicated service is not required? Fulger’s less-than-truckload service is the perfect solution for freight that can be combined with other loads. Not only is it cost-effective, you can feel good knowing you’ve helped reduce the carbon footprint of your shipment. Fulger’s LTL service is comprehensive, covering your consolidation, cross docking, and short term storage needs.

LTL Consolidation Service

No load is too small nor too complicated! Whether it’s a straight shot or multi-location pickup & delivery, our experienced team will handle the details for you.

Cross Docking Service

Once pickups are made, a commonly overlooked characteristic of LTL loads is the need to reorganize the trailer so that the unload sequence lines up with the delivery schedule. Don’t worry, Fulger’s got this. Best of all, this process ensures faster unload times while reducing the chance of misdeliveries and handling damage, all making you look good in front of your customers. Smooth move.

Short Term Storage

If for whatever reason your load delivery needs to be postponed, Fulger offers short term storage. Our storage facilities, some of which offer climate control, are located in Leamington ON, Delhi ON & Detroit MI.

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Intermodal Services

Sometimes it takes more than a truck to get your freight to its destination, and Fulger is at the ready! In our commitment to being your transportation solution, our intermodal service extends our service to rail, cargo ships, and beyond!

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Service Region

With service to continental US and Canada, Fulger is strategically positioned to be your mainstream transportation solution! And with local divisions and drivers in both Canada and the USA, our qualified team can handle both your domestic and international loads.

States & provinces in which we have offices

States & provinces that we service

Freight Brokerage

Fulger’s business is moving your freight, even if it’s not us doing it! Over the years we’ve forged strong business relationships with many trusted carriers, which is just what your business needs to get through seasonal and limited coverage transportation challenges. Fulger’s brokerage service connects you to over 1200 trucks & 1500 trailers in live carrier capacity – another great reason to make us your one-stop transportation shop.

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At Fulger, safety is taken very seriously. In fact, we believe that our company is only as strong as our commitment to safety, and we have a proven team of safety professionals to keep the organization in check. From our customers, to our drivers, to others on the road, to our office employees – our primary responsibility is to conduct all facets of our business in such a way that everyone gets home safely, every time.

Preventative Maintenance & Inspection / DOT Certified Inspection

Every Fulger tractor and trailer go through rigorous preventative maintenance and inspection every 90 days, exceeding industry minimums. In addition, our certified mechanic performs a DOT certified inspection on our entire fleet annually. Besides our own heavy duty diesel shop in Essex ON, the Fulger maintenance network extends to all corners of our service region, ensuring we have service providers at the ready for any service event.

Road Safety

All of our trucks and trailers are equipped with GPS tracking to actively monitor position and speed. Electronic logging devices are also utilized for scrupulous hours-of-service monitoring. All our drivers are fully qualified. Our Safety Team ensures documents like their licensing and medical files are always up to date, as well as real-time monitoring that they’re adhering to national drive time safety limits. Life on the road is not easy, but the fact that we have one of the lowest driver turnover rates reflects one of Fulger’s core values: Our most important assets are our drivers. (Want to learn more about working for Fulger? Click here!)

Trailer Sanitization

As important as mechanical safety is, no safety program is complete without COVID-19 public safety measures in place. Our trailer washout program includes a thorough interior pressure wash with sanitizing non-chemical soap, and applies to every new load. An additional safety measure to protect your load from possible pathogen cross-contamination.